Vuelle Residence offers its guests a number of exclusive activities to satisfy the desires and your stay. All activities must be booked in advance at reception of the residence.

Sicilian culinary vacationWhen referring to Italian delicacies, Sicily is one of the few lands that can offer wonderful culinary sensations, rich in unique flavours and ancient traditions.

We are offering a Sicilian Culinary Vacation with the opportunity to learn how to prepare typical and traditional recipes of this land.

All this in collaboration with Nadia Fazio, an Italian-Sicilian-Canadian food blogger, who will accompany you along this journey of enogastronomic.

Panoramic helicopter flightSee everything from another perspective

A panoramic flight over Capo d’Orlando

You will discover the true beauty of the surrounding territory, rich in natural landscapes and ancient villages.

Aeolian Islands ExcursionExploring the Aeolian archipelago

Cruise in a private 8.5 m boat, with visits to the main marine and land attractions of the islands. Freedom to choose the itinerary with the skipper during the excursion.

3 Possible itineraries:

Lipari, Vulcano and Salina
Panarea and Stromboli
Salina and Filicudi

Or by small boat, maximum four persons with departure from Capo d’Orlando.

Personalized excursions
Discover the most beautiful places of the area

We organize customized tours with qualified guides and with the collaboration of the Naturalistic association “i Nebrodi” that will lead you to the goal of psycho-physical well-being, through an emotional and relational path.

Slow tourism, away from the crowd, let yourself be taken away using your 5 senses: smell, hearing, sight, touch and taste, to discover places, visions and yourself.

Planned tours:

Atelier sul mare

A journey within a journey. Let’s start at the psycho-physical equilibrium. We look outwards for the medicine to heal within, peering asking, questioning.

In a rugged and stretching nature the largest widespread art park in Europe: “Fiumara d’Arte.” Among the works of contemporary art in the valley territory dell’Halesa meet the Hotel-Museum Atelier sul Mare, in the fishing village of Castel di Tusa. The patron Antonio Presti who writes: “I am here to amaze myself … with the wonder one begins and also ends […] because along the path of amazement I escape from a world of division and enter into a world of unity, where one thing, a creature says to the other “this is you”.

So the journey does not end on arrival at this place, but as soon as we enter the lobby, the journey begins again. This time we begin to travel inward: to the inside of the art rooms, towards the inside of ourselves.

Neither statues nor paintings. Each room has a contemporary work of art conceived as a journey, a life lesson, an emotion, a soul gasp. The opening of the soul and the mind opens the road to recovery. So we learn that it is useless to look outside ourselves for that in which we can find within ourselves.

Monti Nebrodi

The “reconnection” and the rediscovery of ourselves, wellbeing as a goal.

Nature becomes our therapist. With this knowledge, in 1993 the Nebrodi Regional Park was established, the largest area where nature is protected in Sicily (86000 ha).

With all of its humility, with all its richness, the green splendor, all of its arrays of color, where the blue of the sky and the brown of the earth meet, the park reminds us of our true essence. It says “you are living.”

We climb along the mountain chain of the Nebrodi, making it to the protected area. We meet animals raised in the wild like the black pig and horses. We can observe the mythical griffin and eagles in flight. We will walk among oaks and hollies.

We will pass through ancient villages and eat traditional dishes, so … let’s not miss anything. None of the five senses will be disappointed.


According to the style and consistency of slow tourism and relational tourism, we thought of this experience to comfort you. Together, side by side, we’ll go a few kilometers from Capo d’Orlando, on a hill almost to the sea, on which stands a thousand-year-old town, quiet, whose origins are lost in myths. It is the tiny town of Piraino, which was Arab, Byzantine, Catholic.

Walking into small groups of people in the narrow streets, the atmosphere that you experience is that of lost time that seems to stand still. It is easy here to stimulate the five senses and to reconnect with yourself and with the nature that graces the village.

Stretta di Longi

River trekking, more immersed in nature than this would be difficult. In swimsuit and rubber sea boots we will move towards the gorge that divides the two mountain ranges, walking in crystal clear water and on the pebbles of a small stream. The water depth varies from area to area and may reach a high level in a few points, almost always reaching the calves. We will climb a few rocks and will move some branches until we reach a small picturesque waterfall that flows into a small lake; and this is the “gorge”, because at this point, the two mountains are divided by the stream that come together less than three meters apart. Medium difficulty, it is recommended a good willingness to adaptation.

Walking in small groups of down the narrow streets, the atmosphere that you live is that of lost time that seems to stand still. It is easy to stimulate the five senses and to reconnect with yourself and with nature that welcomes the village.


The magic of a unique land is found concentrated in the ancient Tindari. A series of positive emotions are spread as we enter through the alleys to natural background, including acanthus plants and fragrant flowers: the same plants adorning the Corinthian capitals. The Romans were masters in nurturing the health of body and mind. They knew that positive emotions promote health and healing.

Nevertheless, today we are dedicated to the same purpose. A few hours to spend in the spa and then off to visit the ancient spa, or the baths of the archaeological site of Tindari: here the landscape, which house the ancient remains, pampers that mind.

Walking in small groups of people down the narrow streets, the atmosphere that you experience is that of a lost time that seems to stand still. It is easy here to stimulate the five senses and to reconnect with yourself and with the nature that graces the village.

Experiences at Horse
To forget the thoughts and daily stress.

In collaboration with the association “Io Amo l’Equitazione”, the Vuelle Residence offers memorable experiences riding on fantastic horses, accompanied by qualified instructors with extensive experience, you can spend unforgettable moments surrounded by nature.

The Equestrian Association, offers riding lessons for all ages, horseback riding, English riding, Western, Spanish, horse shows, outdoor paddocks and a pony game for children.

DivingFascinating experience between the blue waters that surround our territory

The Vuelle Residence offers its guests, exciting experiences to discover the depths around the surrounding area. In collaboration with the diving center recognized by PADI and authorized to conduct diving courses for obtaining patents on different levels.
We offer for beginners, all the best sites along the coast of the Gulf of Patti and the chance to see an amazing underwater life even at low depths.
For the most most demanding and experts, we can offer day and night diving in the most spectacular and fascinating backdrops and archaeological sites around and all over the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands.
We also organize daily excursions with rubber boats and offer equipment and bottle refill rental services.

Wine and food tours
Exploring local specialties

Organized tours to discover the area, the cuisine, and the local wine and food. (Salami, cheese, wine, beer, oil, honey, pastries, and traditional recipes). Possibility cooking experience.

ParaglidingFascinating breathtaking experience

If you want to experience the exhilaration of flight straight from the top of the hill without going through all the training, then a tandem flight lesson is what you’re looking for.
Strength is not a requirement and after a pre-flight briefing, you will soar above the hills with the expert tuition of a professional pilot; opting for a relaxed flight or going for some breathtaking manoeuvers is up to you!
Sicilian weather allows you to take-off almost all year round. Of course the pilots will ensure the atmospheric conditions are suitable for a safe flight and you will get a confirmation with one/two days’ notice.

Our pilots will provide you with the equipment required and after a short training you will be ready to take off.
You can fly with your friends, all at the same time or on different schedules. The number of available pilots may vary.
The duration of the flight varies depending on weather conditions and difference in height, for an average of 15-20 minutes.
Thanks to high performance gliders, your flight will last longer than tandem parachute jumping.
Our pilots will do their best to make you enjoy your flight.
Recommended clothing: comfortable running shoes for a smooth take off, windbreaker or a similar jacket depending on the season.
You can enjoy this exciting experience with the highest safety standards for both passengers and pilots.
All pilots are professionals licensed in passengers transport.

Tandem flights typically take-off sites from:

– Patti-Capo Calavà-Gioiosa Marea-Piraino (ME)
– San Salvatore di Fitalia (ME)