The Vuelle Residence, is located in one of the richest places in the Mediterranean. A few kilometers from Capo d’Orlando, there are the most beautiful places of Sicily.



A few hundred kilometers from the residence, Palermo is a beautiful Sicilian city with ancient history, which has given it a remarkable and unique artistic and architectural heritage.

Scala dei Turchi


In the southern coast of Sicily is La Scala of the Turks, a wonderful “natural monument”. Majestic and imposing, the ivory-colored cliff rises above the sea giving unforgettable emotions to tourists and visitors.



Syracuse, is a great Sicilian capital, its territory, rich in history, it has been colonized by various people from the Romans to the Greeks. Its monuments will confirm its cultural and artistic beauty.



Taormina deserves praise for its archaeological wealth as the Ancient Theatre, the Numachie, the Odeon and the Castle of Monte Tauro.

Valle dei Templi


The Valley of Temples, is within a park covering some 1300 hectares, features an impressive monumental and landscape heritage. It is located in the territory of Agrigento, it is one of the most important archaeological sites of classical Greek civilization, inserted in 1998 in the UNESCO list of World Heritage.



The Etna Park is a destination to visit all year round. the Volcano “active” offers splendid landscapes and emotions. During the summer period the volcano turns into a green park and in the winter is covered with snow and ski slopes.

Saline Di Trapani

The Trapani salt pans are a deeply remnant of nature “revisited” by man. A landscape, a place of production, an aesthetic appeal. The Oasis is located within a Site of Community Importance in the City of Nubia-Paceco and Trapani.

Isole Eolie


The seven beautiful sisters dotting the blue sea in front of the north / east coast of Sicily are wild and rugged volcanic nature. The archipelago of the Aeolian Islands: Panarea, Filicudi, Alicudi, Salina, Lipari, Vulcano and Stromboli last.

Castello di Milazzo


The fortified citadel of Milazzo, better known as “the Castle”, is the largest castle in Sicily and stretches over seven hectares and nearly fourteen thousand square meters covered. The castle stands on the sites of primitive settlements Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Muslims.